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Among big, traditional importers and numerous hobbyists with webshops without too much added value, we sometimes find some promising newcomers. This last qualification certainly is applicable to Wijnand Broer and Ruud de Jong, the talented and enthusiastic founders of Bubbles by Bruud from Rotterdam.

As Prosecco-lovers, they noted that this very popular sparkling wine often isn’t more than a by-product for many importers. By many only selected on the cheapest possible price and only appreciated for it’s real value by a few. To express the original style and fine quality of genuine Prosecco (with DOCG status, not the bulk of the DOC district), they went looking for their favourite wines.

For over a year they worked on the idea, writing producers,  collecting samples at wineries and discovering the beauty of this fascinating wine district. During these months they also found more sparkling wines, including those from Franciacorta. These wines are relatively unknown in the Netherlands and they saw the opportunity to distinguish themselves as specialists in sparkling wines even more.

Eventually some 20 producers were selected  as potential business partners, and after extensive tastings and negotiations, two from each region were selected. Successes at Bubbles on the Beach and Proefschrift Wijnconcours proved that they had made the right decisions.

Their customers include individuals, trade and horeca, the top of the Dutch gastronomy in sight. Currently, they sell their wines through two websites http://proseccoslijterij.nl/ http://franciacortaslijterij.nl/ and with more general information about their business and activities http://bubblesbybruud.nl/ . An expansion of the range of other sparkling wines is on it’s way, especially TrentoDoc seems to have interesting possibilities.

My personal favourites:

Malibran, Sottoriva, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG, Rifermentazione in bottiglia, frizzante, 2009
Fermented in the bottle with the lie still in the bottle, like the original Prosecco from the time that they couldn’t  filter. Fully fermented  so no residual sugar.
Not clear because of the remaining deposit, quirky fragrance, fermenting apples, lychees, floral, clean, reminiscent of apple cider, particular style, nice and dry, clean, tasteful, exciting, nice acids, digestible food wine, good opinionated, for restaurants definitely recommendable as special wine in a wine arrangement.

Malibran, Millisimato, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG Dry, 2010
Nice first impressions, ripe white fruit, peach, pear, soft sweet with nice acidity, good balance, accessible and digestible, excellent to work with together with not-too-sweet desserts, goat cheese, etc.

Serre, Valgres, Cuvee Anno10, Gran Cuvée Extra Dry, Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene Rive di Combai DOCG
Beautiful fresh elegant scent, great complexity for Prosecco, pure white fruit, pear, lychees, delicate, light brioche, nice fruit and good acidity, full, very juicy and nice with antipasti. 

Serre, “58”, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Rive di Combrai DOCG Brut
The so-called family cuvée with reference to the year the estate was founded, first and second fermentation after each other in the same tank, grapes slightly dried on the plant (stem of the vine snapped), powerful fragrance, ripe and intense, first impression also full and firmly, clearly food wine, nice acidity, pleasant ripe tones, underlying fruit, dried apple, great personality, perfect with various preparations of lobster.

Cascina San Pietro, Franciacorta Brut DOCG
Deeply coloured, greenish yellow, very intense nose with green apple, grapefruit and orange zest, personality, in the mouth grapes, forceful, full of flavor, good juicy and dry at the same time, uplifting acidity, fine, firm texture and taste, reasonably long palate, fresh acidity, very lively, good, but stubborn  and even eccentric.

Terè dei Trici, Cascina San Pietro Extra Brut 2006
Lots of colour, green note, nice smell, inviting, fresh fruit, tight, light woodnotes in the background. First impressions: Firmly tight and dry, but with beautiful fruit, rinse note, apple, grape, great taste, hazelnut, beautifully made, character, cheerful and inviting and definitely gastronomic.

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