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WK Blindproeven; update april 2019

Het laatste nieuws van de organisatie van het WK Blindproeven 2019

Ukraine among us
This year we are very happy of welcoming a team from Ukraine, led by Yulja. The qualifications are in progress and the names of the competitors known shortly.

South Africa is getting organized
Under the leadership of Jean-Vincent Ridon, the selections are set up in South Africa. Provincials first, in Cape Town on June 1 for 12 places in the final.
– Local, then, in Cape Town for a spot with Tops Spar wine festival on July 13th.
– Local, in Durban for a spot with Tops Spar wine festival on May 11th.
– Local, in Johannesburg for a spot with Tops Spar wine festival on June 8th.
The Grand National Final will take place on  July the 21rst in Cape Town for the 4 + 1 members of the Nederburg team

The USA has their app!
The US championship is on track.
« We have been looking at several locations for this year’s tournament and have just completed negotiations to hold the competition here on July 14. It will be held at a historic location known as Camarillo Ranch. The location is large enough that we will be able to accommodate all who are interested in competing this year, something we didn’t enjoy last year. We will be able to give you the names of this year’s Team USA after that event. Official announcement about the competition will be coming early next week. If you have the opportunity to visit, it would be wonderful to have you attend, »says John Vilja«. 
In other news from here we have launched our practice smart device app which people can use to practice fo the competition as well as record information about the wines they have enjoyed and find out about other practice opportunities. It’s called Wine Acuity and is now available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. Now that we’ve completed scale-up testing we plan on launching an active publicity campaign for the app along with the tournament. It represents the culmination of a lot of effort. »

Portugal boiling
At the instigation of the faithful Raul Riba d’Ave, the Portuguese championship has just started. The craze is such that the 50 places available were torn off in a few days!
A prize of 1000 euros will be awarded to the winners and the travel expenses will be paid for the entire Portuguese team. The final of this championship will be held on June 15, in the morning.

Spain: in preparation mode
On the other side of the Pyrenees, the laureates have been preparing since last December. Their names are already known since the selection tests were held at the end of November. Jonatan García, Jaime Fernandez, Tao Platon, Santiago Rivas will have the honor to defend the colors of Spain, world champion in 2015, remember.

Finland: this is the team!
15 teams were in the finals of the Finnish championship. And here are the four musketeers who will have the honor of representing their country: Eero Bomanson, Esa Nyman, Samu Viljanen and Erkki Piitulainen. They are still looking for a coach for, like the famous musketeers, defend themselves to 5!

The Australian team’s film soon on the screens
The film shot by an Australian film crew on the adventure of the Zimbabwe team at the 2017 World Championship is being finalized. If all goes well, it should be visible as early as June. Of course, you will be informed as soon as it is released in theaters. Everyone is impatient.

Danemark will have new faces
The Danish championship, led by Thomas Tilkjaer at the end of April, led to new winners. So this is a new team that will defend the colors of this beautiful country next October.

Accommodations and dinners
There are different possibilities of lodging around the Castle of Chambord. For dinners, Friday and Saturday nights, registrations will open on July 1st. You will receive all theinformations to register at the end of June.

The World Championship is organized by La Revue du Vin de France in partnership with: Wine &, Champagne Ayala, Valade and Transandine, La Maison Boisset, Laroche, La Cave de Tain, Spiegelau, the wine growers’ union of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Bonfils wines, the Domaine de Chambord and Henry Marionnet. Communication Agency: Pain vin Company



Binnenkort de stand van zaken met betrekking tot het CONCOURS LE VIN EN DIRECT, het Nederlands Kampioenschap Blindproeven 2019.

De laatste dag(en) voor teams om zich nog aan te melden voor het NK zijn aangebroken!

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